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Interpreters of Hong Kong

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Interpreting & Translation Services

Top-Rated Conference Interpreters & Translators Throughout Hong Kong

We provide experienced interpreters and translators in a variety of languages. Because we are based in Hong Kong, we assign local professionals who are based as close as possible to your chosen event, significantly reducing or eliminating transportation costs to you.

Simultaneous Interpretation Services

If your event in Hong Kong requires simultaneous interpretation, look no further!

We specialize in simultaneous interpretation, and have experience with events involving large teams of interpreters working in multiple languages. Because simultaneous interpretation requires strong technical know-how, our clients are thankful for the peace of mind we provide by handling such important details as equipment, sound technicians, and thorough logistical support.

Interpreters Specialized to Your Needs

Based on the requirements of your event and your message, we can assign language professionals with specific areas of proficiency to ensure the highest possible quality of interpretation. We have interpreters who specialize in technical and medical subject matter, for example. We also offer experienced legal interpreters for depositions, discoveries, arbitrations, and examinations. In addition, we have excellent business and financial interpreters for events and meetings. Whatever your needs, we will carefully analyze them with you to determine the best possible professional for the job.

Languages of Hong Kong

Interpreters of Hong Kong has interpreters that specialize in the following languages:

  • Cantonese
  • Gan
  • Hakka
  • Mandarin
  • Min
  • Wu
  • Xiang
  • and more!

English and Chinese are the official languages of Hong Kong.


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